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Vegetable and Fruit Carving: Exquisite Vessels


Author: Burinpat Choowong

(88 pages/Thai & English). More than 35 elaborate serving vessel creations in full color with detailed instructions and illustrations.


(88 pages/Thai & English). More than 35 carvings are featured in this gorgeous intermediate to advanced level carving book. Detailed illustrations and full-color photos demonstrate step-by-step instructions for intricate Thai-style carvings of Bowls, Baskets, Platters and other vessels from start to finish. Learn the best ways to use pumpkins, watermelon, papaya, taro, and gourds for gorgeous container type carvings of all shapes and sizes. Information about the best carving tools and basic carving instructions are included: Author: Burinpat Choowong two rose covered watermelon bowls two honeydew floral patterned melon bowls and covered bowl several different types of pumpkin (kabocha squash) platters a pumpkin bowl topped with twin birds a ripe papaya serving bowl a fish-shaped papaya vessel raised pumpkin pedestal a conch shell shaped papaya vessel a dragon-shaped pumpkin bowl a simple cantelope melon serving bowl and platter a pumpkin “bird bath” platter a goldfish-shaped papaya bowl. Recommended for more experienced carvers.


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